Who We Are


“If you’re going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters.

Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude.” – Colin Powell


We are committed to a culture where integrity is paramount.  We require honesty.  Our clients have come to rely on our integrity when representing their organization, and we work hard to establish and maintain trusting client relationships.


We consistently provide superior customer support.  Success is in the details as well as the big picture, so consistent execution and follow-through are required.


We understand the countless amounts of time and money required to grow a business.  With this in mind, we humbly serve our clients.  We consider it a privilege to come alongside our clients and achieve results.


We are fanatical about delivering the highest quality content. We don’t compromise, and our standards are high.  Period.


Billy Belshaw, Lead Strategist

Billy Belshaw

An award-winning entrepreneur and marketing expert with a long, successful track record, Billy Belshaw brings a blend of creativity, determination, operational strength, and passion to his company’s endeavors.

From Nashville to Cincinnati: A firm foundation

A native of Cincinnati, Ohio, Billy spent seven years in Nashville providing artist management, business management, and artist booking services for country and Christian recording artists.  Having seen first-hand what it takes to build a globally recognized brand, Billy returned to his hometown and began implementing those strategies for his small business clients.

Helping small businesses make it big

Billy launched Belshaw Agency in 2006, in response to the needs of small business for a supportive partnership in digital marketing and brand management. Today, the company offers results-driven solutions that elevate small businesses from the crowd. Belshaw Agency serves clients in a variety of industries, including salons and spas, interior design firms, dental offices,  and one of the largest non-profit organizations in Cincinnati.